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children's spa package
Pamper My Nails (Ages 9-14)
Geared for little one's hands and feet, this colorful mini-manicure and pedicure includes a fruity sugar scrub followed by a sparkly, colorful hand and foot mask. Children's little feet soak in warm water with fresh, floating daisies as they sip organic fruit drinks and nibble on organic cookies.

$95 - 50 mins   

Pamper My Skin (Ages 9-14)
Treat your little one to a fun, relaxing treatment that includes a fruity back sugar scrub, soothing back massage, and a gentle mini melon facial.

$125 - 50 mins   

The Royal Treatment (Ages 9-14)
A combination of both Pamper My Nails and Pamper My Skin.

$185 - 110 mins   
Due to the intricacies of this package, we ask that you contact the spa directly at 843-266-3619, Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, to plan your spa retreat.
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